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Homeschooling Time Table Template.

I know y’all have been waiting for this. I have been so busy the last few weeks. I will share everything I have developed. first I’d like to say that I was always doing things from the programming I had as a child to think of what school means. When I thought of school it was children sitting in their seats and being quiet until they know an answer. Now I have switched my thinking based on other peoples success stories and fun ideas I really enjoyed recreating with my own creativity.

That being said I, keeping some of the things I have part of my routine. We will pray, and sing before class. That I want to be part of the importance of school. Learning how to pray. So I will share the outline I have and then I will post the template. I will explain the first week, and next week I will post the second week so everyone can see the template for a regular week for the rest of the year.

We will start with first semester summary. * Studying The Book Of Acts
– Learning about God/Jesus
– Reading practice
– Memory verses
– English (Spelling, writing, grammar, punctuation, 9 parts of speech).
– Math
– Learning Japanese languages
– Journaling, cleaning up their spaces.
– Adventures, to teach about independence, transportation, travel, and educational outings.

School Time Table.

2nd Day

9:30am- prayer/hymnal
10:00am- Reading of the chapter lesson
10:30am- Answering worksheets/ workbook activities
11:00am- reading practice
11:30am- Answering worksheets/ workbook activities.
12:00pm- Lunch Time Break
12:30pm- Lunch Time Break
1:00pm- Memory verse practice
1:30pm- Spelling game
2:00pm- Colouring/ Crafting activity
2:30pm- Journaling/ Clean up
3:00pm- Class ends

3rd Day

9:30am- Prayers/ Hymnal
10:00am- Reading of the chapter lesson
10:30am- Answering worksheets/ workbook activities.
11:00am- English lessons/worksheets
11:30am- Math lesson/ Worksheets
12:00pm- Lunch Time Break
12:30pm- Lunch Time Break
1:00pm- Memory verse practice
1:30pm- Spelling games
2:00pm- Colouring/Crafting activities.
2:30pm- Journaling, clean up
3:00pm- Class ends

4th Day

9:30am- Prayers/ hymnal
10:00am- Reading chapter lesson
10:30am- Bible study activities worksheets/ crafts.
11:00am- Answering worksheets/ workbook activities.
11:30am- English/math worksheets
12:00pm- Lunch Time Break
12:30pm- Lunch Time Break
1:00pm- Memory verse game/ Spelling game
1:30pm- Japanese Lessons
2:00pm- Colouring/ crafting activities.
2;30pm- Journaling/ clean up
3:00pm- Class ends

5th Day

9:30am- Prayers/Hymnal
10:00am- Reading chapter lesson
10:30am- Bible study activities worksheets/crafts
11:00am- Answering worksheets/ workbook activities
11:30am- mini spelling test game/ word review
12:00pm- Lunch Time Break
12:30pm- Lunch Time Break
1:00pm- Memory verse game
1:30pm- Japanese lessons
2:00pm- Colouring/ crafting activities.
2:30pm- Journaling/ clean up
3:00pm- Class ends

6th Day

9:30am- Prayers/ Hymnal
10:00am- chapter review/ Math test/ memory verse recitement test
10:30am- Reading review/ spelling test/ writing test
11:00am- pack backpacks for Friday Adventures.
11:30am- Head out for destination of Friday Adventure.
12:00pm- Friday outing
12:30pm- Friday outing
1:00pm- Friday outing
1:30pm- Friday outing
2;00pm- hand out Friday outing worksheet to b filled out.
2:30pm- Write in journal about Friday Adventures.
3:00pm- Class ends.

So we will be doing these as a regular thing after the first week. The first week is half days only and very light work. Because we don’t have the routine down yet, we have to ease back into school routine. It’s going to take a week. The week after the start of school, we will be going into regular classes. We are doing it a lot different this year opposed to last years schedule. I will no share screenshots of this years schedule for the first week.

The reason I have them bringing a rosary and wallet is to teach them how to carry their wallet, and keys later in life. It’s teaching them how to have their belongings that are essential. Also it doesn’t hurt to have religious items on you. The weeks Summary us just hat, when the first week is over i will give an account of my impressions, and what feed back the boys gave during the week. We will be growing and learning together through this experimental period of new schedule, and lesson learning technique.

I will now share with you all the links to the resources I’m using for this year, and I hope you find them helpful.

And this is everything I have gathered so far. I will be back with more in a week. And I do apologize for how long this took. I hope you enjoy the information, and look through the links.

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May God bless you and keep you all them who love Him in sincerity amen!

– Elect Lady Of Bread Of Life Church.


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